Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unfair Grace

"Grace is inherently unfair."

I read this quote by K. W. Leslie as he commented on an IMonk post yesterday entitled, "http://www.internetmonk.com/archive/riffs-082007-the-white-horse-inn-on-dying-with-unconfessed-sin, and I've been chewing on it ever since.

Is grace fair? Chew on it, and let me know what you think.


Les Puryear said...

What would be "fair" for God to do would be to condemn all of humanity to hell because we are all sinners.

Of course grace is not "fair." Thank God that He is not "fair." Thank God that He has chosen to save even one. That would be much more than anyone deserves.


elder's wife said...

So true. Our sense of "fairness" is so subjective, isn't it?

Eric said...


I agree with you and Les. God owes us nothing, and the bible is clear about what we all deserve. He has every right to shed His saving grace upon those whom He chooses.

Interestingly, I've never run into anyone who has desired God's saving grace, but God refused to give it to him. The only reason anyone desires the goodness of God is because the Father placed that desire in his heart in the first place.

Thank the Lord for His grace.


Elder's Wife said...

Good points. God certainly owes us nothing. Isn't it funny how we can say that and still think He owes us more than the next sinner...Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, Hitler. We tend to sometimes think it's unfair of God to extend His grace to the "worst of the worst". We forget that we are all Hitler's at heart.