Thursday, August 23, 2007


Steve Sensenig has a really good post called "More Than Meets the Eye" on his blog today. It's on using God's name in vain.

Some of the discussion and subsequent comments dealt with the unwillingness of the OT Jews to even speak (or spell) His name, and the reasons behind that action. The people of the past weren't the only ones who felt that way. If you read the Israeli newspapers today, you will find that they avoid the use of His name or spell it "G-d".

As I thought about the many times in a day that I hear the name of God used, I was reminded that profanity and slang are not the only offenses. How often have you talked with other believers and they assured you that "God said....", or "God wants..."? How many times have you chuckled at a joke or cartoon that used His name irreverantly? How many times have you done it yourself? I have, and I need to be reminded often Whose Name I'm throwing around so casually.

What about our promiscuous use of the word "Christian" as an adjective showing God's endorsement of everything from weight plans to fantasy fictional romance to t-shirts. His name is showing up on things that must disgust Him. We have made the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of the Universe into just another household commodity!

Why doesn't that disgust us?


Dinah said...

Before I became a Christian, I would say "Oh G-d", thinking I was being sort of spiritual. The first morning after I gave my life to Jesus, I found myself, by habit, saying those words, as always, as a casual expression, having nothing really to do with the Lord. But the conviction I came under caused such regret - that if I could suck the words back in, I would have. This was before I learned anything at all from Scripture, or had any teaching whatsoever - I was a newborn. I was overcome with such a reverence for His Name, that uttering it casually became - from that moment on - impossible. I frequently see Christians using the Lord's name casually - and while I grieves me, I have to remember that the Lord dealt with that sin in me at that time, and He has chosen to not deal with them in the same way. It is also good for me to see that they don't see it as sin - just like I probably don't see the sin in me that might be glaringly obvious to them at that moment. I wish that as people learn of the character and attributes of God, that they would no longer be able to utter His precious name in any way but with deep reverence... but I think the constant example of disrespect and "casualizing" of His Name that we live in the midst of lays the foundation for the disrespect. I'm currently brewing a topic for a post on my blog related to television - and how our mind-set is molded without our realizing it... you've turned up the heat on that idea...

How is your hand? I've been praying for pain releif, and must say the Lord brought you to mind several times - - - email me - I have some questions for you!

elder's wife said...

Hi Dinah-
Thanks for the comments on the post. Isn't it funny how bloggers tend to fuel each other's thinking? Iron sharpening iron?
It hurts to hear the casual and disrespectfuly way people talk of the Lord. And it's harder to listen to it when the talker claims to be a believer. I think so much of it is cultural--we become what we hear. What a wonderful testimony of the way the Holy Spirit begins to convict us of sin and teach us His ways when we are willing to learn.
BTW the hand is improving--Note the capital letters! Thanks for praying.

Steve Sensenig said...

Great post, Kat. I always like when other bloggers can take thoughts like this further. And like you said, it does help sharpen iron. Thanks for helping look at other angles of this, too.

Alan Knox said...


I'm just lurking around looking for this "Tony" guy...

Seriously, like Steve, I'm glad you continued this discussion. It is a very important discussion for followers of Jesus.

I wonder... when someone who claims to speak for God (i.e. "God says..." or "God wants...) but speaks contrary to God or his word, is that taking God's name in vain more than an unbeliever who uses it in a curse? I think it probably is.


elder's wife said...

I love it when somebody's blog sticks with me and makes me think. And you did. Thanks.

ALAN (not Tony)-
Never know what you'll find!
It's a dangerous thing to speak for God, isn't it? The OT prophets were held accountable for what they said in His Name. It's a serious thing to misrepresent God.