Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning View

I never know who will be calling when I wake up each morning. Sometimes it will be bluejays... sometimes crows or mourning doves... often there are sandhill cranes bugling along the creek.
Yesterday, when I looked out, there were sandhills scavenging the harvested wheat field just beyond our shed. Volunteer wheat has begun to grow in the stubble, and the cranes march along, pulling it out.
I marvel at those huge birds stalking majestically across the field. They stand as tall as I do and have a wingspan of 70". In comparison, the tiny hummingbirds at my feeder would fit with outspread wings between my fingers.
I am just amazed at the scope of God's mountains, cleft seabeds, sandy deserts and lush rainforest. And each supports uncountable forms of life, from protozoa to kangaroos to sperm whales. What awesome creative Power imagined all of this!
"And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him: male and female He created them."
Take a look outside your window and stand in awe. Take a look in your mirror and worship the One who created you.


Dinah said...

Sounds wonderful. My wake up sounds are: M-80's and firecrackers at 3:00 am, police and ambulance sirens starting at 6:00 am. It those fail to wake me up there is always the traffic-copters and the alarm clock. Sometimes, though, there is that time between the late-night partiers and the early morning traffic, where I can hear the Robins' chorus of praise. Pre-dawn, the time of day when the dew is thick, the birds are active, and God's voice seems especially clear. It seems to be the only "untouched" part of the day that remains in these parts.

elder's wife said...

Good morning Dinah!
I guess Detroit isn't Gibbsville...but we have the same God watch over us.

Dinah said...

and THAT (the same unchanging loving God) can cause me to sing along with the Robins!! \0/