Friday, August 10, 2007

Heritage Day 2007

The Living Hope Bible Church popcorn stand did a booming business today at Oostburg's biennial Heritage Day. We served hundreds of cups of freshly popped corn--free! It was a great opportunity to interact with other people in our community, explain God's grace in freely providing salvation through the sacrificial death of His own Son, hand out Bibles and other literature and serve the Lord as we served others.

Face painting, Gospel nails and a beanbag game were fun for the kids, too.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


selahV said...

great popcorn. neat photos! selahV

elder's wife said...

Hi Selahv
The handsome gent in the red hat is my hubby, and the little gal handing out popcorn with him is my granddaughter, Alex. She's only 6, but she has a voice like a bullhorn. "Hey, Mister, you want some free popcorn?" Quite the carnival barker.