Thursday, February 11, 2010

Count It All Joy

James wrote, "Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations...".
That's another of those great verses to memorize, to preach, to write about...and it's a rough place to live. We're all happy with the joy, but the "diverse temptations" are something we'd rather not think about, and certainly rather not live with.
This has been the week of diverse temptations, and I expect more weeks ahead.
On Monday, my son called to say that they'd taken our 3 year old grandson to the doctor with a persistent cough and fever. He'd had it for over a week and they suspected pneumonia. After an x-ray and blood work, their pediatrician was sending them down to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee for further testing.
They went for tests...and are still there.
A bone marrow aspiration showed that Joey has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He's had a spinal tap since then, more tests, and has had a PICC line inserted. Toxic chemicals are being pumped into his little body to fight the invaders. His parents are staying with him day and night.
While all this has been going on, we've had another "diverse temptation".
Joey's 8 year old sister is staying with us. Yesterday, I took her to the same pediatrician who saw Joey. She now has pneumonia in her left lung--persistent cough and fever. Antibiotics are doing battle with the enemy, but they don't do much for the hole in her heart. She misses her brother and her parents.
We are counting it all joy. With each new "temptation", God has shown Himself faithful. He has surrounded us with an army of concerned prayer warriors...some who live in the most remote corners of this earth. He has provided us with concerned friends and family who are willing to meet immediate needs. He has allowed us to live in close proximity to excellent medical care. He reminds me that He will never leave us or forsake us and that ultimately we will see good if we trust and obey Him.
I am willing to see that good now. I will count it all joy today.
In December, another blogger, Internet Monk, was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone brain surgery, radiation, and is now undergoing chemotherapy. I prayed for him then and have continued to pray for him. But, his "diverse temptations" were not mine. They were his, far way in Kentucky.
This week, that all changed. They've come home. And the joy has to be mine.

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