Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rejoice in the Lord…Even on Sunday

It’s been a busy day of rest here Where We Live. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s easy to rush though the first few hours of a Sunday without even recognizing God’s presence, especially when we are about His Business. The Lord’s Day can easily become the Church’s Day, or My Day.
We have the privilege of meeting each week (and throughout the week) with other believers to worship God and to hear His Spirit speak through His Word and through His people. In many places in the world, believers do not have that blessing…or that distraction. They have nothing but God, Himself. And perhaps they are the better for it. They need not organize or orchestrate or “perform.”
So, where does that leave me…wife of elder, Sunday School teacher, shaker of hands and maker of coffee?
Perhaps I need to take the day of rest more seriously. After all, God did His work in six days…and then He ceased from work and enjoyed His handiwork. He rested in order to fellowship with and enjoy his creation. Perhaps I need to be more conscious of planning the other six days of my week in such a way as to be a means of preparation for rest and enjoyment and fellowship on the seventh.
Perhaps that is why God’s Spirit has exercised His right to set aside my original blog thoughts and has convicted me of my failure to put God first on His Day.

Forgive me, Lord, for waiting to be told to worship You as we sang together. Forgive me for talking of myself, instead of talking of You. Forgive me for looking to others to meet the needs that You wish to meet. Thank you for loving me in spite of my failures. Thank you for showing me that, although I love your people, You must be my first love, and that I can love them best when I have loved You first.


Dinah said...

I just began reading your blog, as I've just begun blogging myself. I need to shout a hearty A-MEN sister... You are not alone in your place of hunger for the riches that reside beyond the busyness... this stranger from Michigan is right there with you!

elder's wife said...

Hi Dinah-
Sad, isn't it, how our day of rest and refreshment often wears us out.