Friday, June 29, 2007

Christmas in June

Yesterday I finished up a project I've been thinking about for several weeks...setting up an "Everybody Directory" for the people who don't fit into my other directories. This one has everybody from missionaries to long-ago friends to people I may never want to contact, but...
In order to do that, I pulled out the stack of old Christmas cards, birthday greetings and unanswered letters that have been accumulating for a year or two while I knock off quick notes via email or post blogs.
It was a good time to get caught up again on other people's lives...
My friend Kay is a young widow, serving with Wycliffe. She made some really insightful observations in her Christmas letter that keep coming back to my mind. Maybe they will challenge you as they've challenged me.
She says:
  • "I've been learning about loneliness as opposed to alone-ness; how to distinguish between the two and how to work through one while growing in the midst of the other."
  • "When God is silent on a subject, He does have His reasons. My job is to keep on doing the last thing He gave me to do until He does speak."
  • "It's ok to yell for help when things get to be too much."
  • "Change is inevitable. How we react to it helps determine whether it is good or not."
  • "'Fine' isn't an acceptable answer when you really aren't."
  • "Procrastination isn't working for me and practicing it until I get really good at it probably won't, either."
  • "It pains God when I give Him my leftovers."

Are you feeling challenged, too? Let me know, so I can let Kay know how she's spoken to all of us.

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selahV said...

Isn't it nice to discover something like this months and months after Christmas. A double blessing. Rich thoughts. selahV