Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pray for A Fellow Blogger

For several years, I've been reading Michael Spencer's Internet Monk blog...probably one of the best-known Christian bloggers. IMonk spoke to and for many of us who questioned the direction in which evangelicalism is heading. He dared to actually dialog with those who might not agree with him and invited us to join the conversation.
He introduced us to other Christian traditions and theologians. He brought out the "Liturgical Gangstas" to converse on everything from baptism to the Lord's Supper to music in the church. He let us know that God doesn't shoot you dead for asking honest questions.
And through it all, he was always transparent about his own life, his own walk with God. Today, that walk is through the valley of the shadow of death. On Christmas Eve he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Today his wife, Denise, has posted the news that they are ending chemotherapy and he will be entering hospice care.
Please join me in praying for Michael and Denise and their children during this time when they prepare to say goodbye and Michael anticipates seeing His Lord face to face.

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