Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Surrender All?

Some to Jesus I surrender,
Some to Him I freely give;
I will sometimes love and trust Him,
In His presence sometimes live.

I surrender some,
I surrender some.
Some to Thee, my blessed Savior,
I surrender some.

How often have you sung those words....or did you sing, "I surrender all"?

The very word "surrender" means to give up entirely, without reserve, yet so often I fail to do that. I tell Jesus that I am surrendering all, but then I keep something in reserve.

As we sang those words last Sunday, I realized that I'd not really surrendered at all. I've fallen back on providing for myself and defending myself in many of the battles of the past couple of weeks. Instead of surrendering my position to Jesus so that He can be my defense, I've been planning my own strategies, being my own general. And I've walked into Satan's ambush again. The outcome has been misunderstandings and physical and emotional pain. When will I ever learn?

Why is surrender to the Savior so often hard, and surrender to the enemy so easy?


selahV said...

Oh, dear Kat, I think it is not so much that it is hard to surrender to the Lord, but that it is so easy to be led astray when our hearts and minds and emotions are vulnerable. Praying your moments are filled with His strength and presence as you meet the storms you face today. selahV

Elder's Wife said...

You are so right. Somehow we are never really expecting the storm, are we? When it hits, it's easy to lose our footing for a bit while we grope in the darkness, reaching for the Lord's hand.
Thanks again for praying. I have appreciated prayers of fellow bloggers. What a blessing!

selahV said...

Yeah, and it's so nice to know His hand is right beneath us, so when we stumble and fall, He's right there. I know what you mean about prayers. I am so needy all the time. I don't know what life would be like without the Lord and the Lord's people lifting me up. selahV

Elder's Wife said...

God is so faithful, even when we are not. I've just been thanking Him for the way He's met all my needs today.
He's been changing hearts and attitudes (others, as well as mine) and it is amazing how He has been working out a difficult situation.
So far as my parents health and needs...They will be moving into a Christian assisted living residence at the end of the week. Keep praying for Dad. This is really a hard thing for him, but we are all in agreement that they do need to have someone available 24 hours a day.
Again, thank you!

Hendrick Family said...

Wow. I'm so hungry for older women in my life...and by older, I promise, I just mean older than me.

I don't know how I just stumbled upon this blog, but I will keep spying on you, if that's okay.


Elder's Wife said...

Don't need to spy. The door is always open, so come on in--it's Where We Live. This is a safe place to be transparent, I hope. No matter how old we are (61 last week!!), we are never too old to learn. And the Spirit of God knows just how to bring about those teachable moments.
Thanks for stopping by.